Aje’s new collection ‘Drogheda’ is giving me and my wandering heart all of the feels.

Gaining inspiration from the classic Australian novel set in the outback ‘The Thornbirds’ by Colleen McCullogh, they’ve captured an effortless cool that’s free flowing at its core yet with some structured aspects to create a truly Aje aesthetic collection.

Bright white pieces are weaved throughout black embellishment, cherry red separates and a rose and thorn bird print that’s oh so intricate yet completely powerful. I’m a sucker for any floral, yet this takes it to a whole other level of playful sophistication.

I am in absolute love with each and every piece (and would take them all with open arms), however the items that BELONG in my wardrobe are the Billa Crop Top, the Mary Dress and the Le Corsaire Broderie Blouse.

Seriously, get on board peeps before they’re all gone. You can thank me later.

Enjoy x BLM

Thorn Bird Shirt | Mary Dress | Billa Crop Top and Kallina Skirt
Palparra Blouse | Themeda Top | Hamilton Top


Images courtesy of Aje

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