Welcome to Watson + Connolly!

How exciting that you’re visiting my little corner of the world; a peak into my style soul.

I’m Brooke, the creator of Watson + Connolly, a twenty-something self-proclaimed shopping addict who lives and breathes the fashion world. I’m a brand marketer by day, and a fashion student by night, with a dream of combining the two to live a truly purposeful life.

What you will find here is an emulation of my own personal style, so you can expect to see a lot of white floaty things, floral everywhere, designer bags I can’t yet afford and plenty of denim.

I’ll share with you what’s inspiring me, what’s on my always growing wish list and collection reviews from some of my favourite designers.

I can’t thank you enough for showing Watson + Connolly some love! I hope you enjoy what you see and read here, and gain a little inspiration for your own style.

Enjoy x BLM


Wondering why Watson + Connolly?

Merle Watson and Coral Connolly are my beloved Nana’s.

To me they symbolise where I have come from, and how my view of style has evolved over the years. I know I’m a very lucky lady to have these two wonderful women influencing my ideas, passions and purpose and that I get to share a little bit of them with all of you.

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